Some years ago painting found me through a great lady and great painter Joan Fear.

Once I began I couldn’t stop, I’d finally found my thing. Parts of my personality that had made life awkward became an asset. I was on my way to finding my voice with this wonderful new language. I am very grateful to all of the people who have supported me along the way.

The creative process has been an amazing catalyst for personal growth, I can see the development in the work from the dark to the light.

These works began in the Coromandel while running a Creative Retreat in a spectacular river valley, surrounded by tall trees and clear rivers one must slow down, then I began to see and hear clearly. Our clients were guided through workshops based upon play. The framework used the premise “find something you like, change it, display it.” Within that participants were encouraged to draw inspiration from a range of exercises, artistic models, personal exposure and experiment. Over time the Creative Retreat became less about the clients and more about developing my own practise. “To teach is to learn.”

Painting surfaces onto pieces of wood lying about, and then cutting and smashing the paintings. I have always broken things by accident, now I was breaking with purpose, it felt good, my response to the world of  ‘perfection,’ a world that has been beyond my ability to master.  Reassembling the broken pieces in a new way, fresh and full of hope.

This new thing, allows me to speak clearly of ideas around perspective ie. How common it is to attach to a perspective and call it ‘a belief.’ How different our view of any situation if we can find the presence to look at it from a different perspective. A key to solving great problems, to the thinking around presence is both spiritual and practical. Harnessing the concept of being present seems to be the key to tap our unlimited potential eg. our connection to the centre of the earth and the heavens at one time, our potential for greatness in ways we cannot fathom as yet, the knowledge that we are born with, the incredible power of love in the broadest sense.

I had been seeking a way to express these ideas and felt I had found it.

I call these works paintings, Im interested in pushing at the boundaries of paint, over time the works have become more painterly despite their increasing contrasting texture.

At the time of creating this little book, late 2011 I am consciously mark making with the pieces.